Our Beginning

Rudy Alvarez Ramirez Vice President of AOGDHP

Rudy Alvarez Ramirez
Vice President of AOGDHP

By Rudy Alvarez Ramirez, Vice-President AOGDHP

In March 2003 my grand-son A.J. Huffman, grand-daughter Brandi Smith and Gloria, my wife, took a vacation to south Texas. We planned the trip to take us to Goliad, Texas. The Crossroads of Texas Living History Association and Presidio la Bahia were staging the 18th Annual Reenactment of the occupation of the fort by Colonel Fannin and the Goliad Massacre.

We saw on the program that there was going to be a Memorial Service and a laying of the wreath ceremony for Fannin and his men. My grandson said:” you know, it would be nice if we, as descendants of the Angel, lay a wreath for her on behalf of all of her descendants”. We talked to Newton M. Warzecha, Director of the Fort, and asked him if we could be put on the Memorial Service program and he said; “it would be an honor to her”.

We all placed a wreath on behalf of all of her descendants and agreed that a descendant would place a wreath annually from then on. I felt compelled that as a direct descendant, we must do more than just lay a wreath. So, I decided that we needed a Historical Preservation. I call as many descendants as I knew and met in Goliad, Texas on March 2004 during the 19th Annual Reenactment of the Goliad Massacre. We formed the Angel of Goliad Descendants Historical Preservation.

In the words of Dr. Joseph H. Barnard, one of the beneficiaries of her mercies: [Linn: Reminiscences of Fifty Years in Texas, 171-175]

—“I must here not omit the mention of Senora Alvarez, whose name ought to be perpetuated to the latest times for her virtues, and whose action contrasted so strangely with that of her countrymen, and deserves to be recorded in the annals of his country and treasured in the heart of every Texan”.—

We, the Angel of Goliad Descendants Historical Preservation are committed to Dr.Joseph H. Barnard’s words of 168 years ago to research and preserve the memory of the incredible lady that will be remembered forever for her kindness, humanitarian deeds and a merciful heart, that saved many lives and comforted many others. She has been recognized by many as a real Mexican heroine of the Texas Revolution.

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