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At present time we have not found any documents other than those at the Texas State Archives that show that Mexican army colonel, Telesforo Alavez and his wife, Francisca, were the real parents of Matias Alvarez. The reader needs to see Bill Walraven’s article (1986) in the Corpus Christi Caller Times regarding the “Angel of Goliad” (Alavez vs. Alvarez name theory). Also see book; “The Magnificent Barbarians” by Bill & Margorie Walraven (1993 edition — Eakin Press, Austin, Texas) pages 91-98 regarding the Alavez/Alvarez name, Matias Alvarez and his children. Luis, Gerardo, Jacinto, Guadalupe, Maria, etc. & “The Angel of Goliad”.

Other sources are the historical manuscripts of Judge Harbert Davenport found at the Texas State Archives (Austin, TX) regarding Matias Alvarez, the Angel of Goliad story, Goliad Massacre, etc. Also in these Davenport manuscripts are the 1936 account of Mrs. Elena Zamora O’Shea discussion of her 1902-03 conversations with Matias Alvarez as well as that of Father Joseph G. O’Donohoe’s accounts of Mrs. O’Sheas and Matias Alvarez.

Another source is the King Ranch “Laureles Division” cemetery. Many Alvarez’s and other related family members are buried there (many of Enrique Alvarez’ descendants). Many other Alvarez’s are buried in the Chamberlain Cemetery in Kingsville and the Riviera, TX Cemetery. Note: All of Matias’s children were born in Matamoros, Mexico.

A Comprehensive Family History


A very extensive research on the descendants of Francisca Alvarez. As a continually developing information database, members are encouraged to add any additional information regarding the Alvarez Family. All submissions are reviewed for historical accuracy.

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Follow along with the Alvarez family and other descendants as they continue their own stories.  The legacy of the Angel of Goliad is fully intact because her story lives on through them.

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Many of the Alvarez Family members have military background and roots. Learn about the descendants that continue the same bravery and heroic acts that were present at the beginning.

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