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Raul (Garza) Garza was born m Kingsville, Kleberg County, Texas on January 20, 1931. He is the son of the late Eulogio O. (Jimmy) Garza originally of Sarita. Kenedy County, Texas. His mother Francisca Guzman Garza was the youngest child of Gaspar Garza and Mariana Guzman Garza. Mariana came to Kingsville on July 8, 1904, […]

My Uncle Domingo I see many different faces every day but no, I am not a politician on the campaign trail, I am a commuter in the hustle and bustle town of Houston, TX. I drive to the Park and Ride every day, get on a bus, transfer to another bus, and then transfer to […]


Texas history has always been close to the heart of most Texans, and we have always tried to ensure we keep our facts straight and are as accurate as possible, so when we tell our stories we tell them proudly, and we try to make them interesting and believable. It has been more than 179 […]

By Dan Garza It is Christmas Eve 2004 and it is snowing in Houston, Texas. What is even more odd, is that it is snowing in Brownsville, which is located in the most southern tip of the state. It is also snowing just south of Brownsville across the border in the town of Matamoros in […]

When my father was alive he liked going out on short, not too distant car rides. Sometimes he would take my mother and us kids, sometimes he would take my younger brother Richard and the dog, Baron. So that you can get a visual of this story, try to imagine a small four door 1964 […]

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