El Ángel de Goliad


Angel of Goliad

Dan Garza

“It is a privilege and an honor for us to know that we are descendants of Francisca Alvarez.

The Angel of Goliad was a Mexican woman who saved countless Texan and Mexican lives during the Texas Revolution.  Based on records and accounts from those that survived the Massacre at Goliad, Fransisca Alvarez  managed to prevent the execution of many soldiers.

The heroic actions of Francisca Alvarez and the adventures of the survivors and descendants live on through the stories found here at the Angel of Goliad Descendants Historical Perservation.

Francisca Alvarez (Also known as Francita, Panchita, or Pancheta and Alavez or Alevesco) was married to Captain Telesforo Alavéz, a Commander of the Mexican Centralista army. Telesforo was actualy married to someone else though.

Years earlier he had married a woman by the name of Maria Augustina de Pozo. Telesforo abandoned Maria and their two children, while courting Fransisca and carrying out his military duties.

Francisca, now known as The Angel of Goliad, traveled with Telesforo on his missions to different regions in Texas including Victoria, Copano Bay, Matamoros, and Goliad.

This is her story

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