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Multiple survivor accounts of the Massacre at Goliad mention with honor and reverence and credit their survival to a Mexican lady immortalized with the term “The Angel of Goliad” in the extensive accounts of the events surrounding the massacre by Dr. Joseph Barnard and Dr. John Shackelford. Historical accounts refer to the “Angel of Goliad” as a lady of Mexican birth named Francita, Francisca, Panchita, or Pancheta/Panchita with surname Alavez, Alvarez, or Alevesco. She is often referred to as the wife of Captain Telesforo Alavéz who was commander of Mexican Centralista forces in the Copano and Victoria region under Gen. José de Urrea’s command until May 14 when the army retreated south to Matamoros after defeat at San Jacinto. Mexican archives show that Captain Alavéz in December 31, 1837 was 34 years of age, married, and a resident of Toluca. The archives show that his legitimate wife at that time was Maria Augustina de Pozo, also of Toluca, whom he had abandoned in 1834. She and her brother wrote several letters, 1836-1837, to the minister of war, asking for money for her support. Augustina had two small children at the time. Various accounts place Francita Alavéz with the movements of Captain Alavéz in carrying out his assignments at Copano Bay, Goliad, Victoria and Matamoros where she aided Texian prisoners at all locations. Numerous accounts, including that in the current Handbook of Texas, relate that Señora Alavéz returned to Mexico City with the Captain and was there abandoned by him upon which she returned to Matamoros penniless where she was aided by Texians who knew of her humanitarian efforts. From there she is said to have disappeared from the history books.


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