The Texas Revolution of 1836 – by Roger Borroel

borroelRoger Borroel is a Vietnam veteran who was in the 101st Airborne Division, 1968-1969. Mr. Borroel is from Northwest Indiana by Lake Michigan and graduated from Purdue University in 1980. He has written, researched and published over 15 works on the Texas Revolution of 1836. He has been in Texas and honeymooned in San Antonio in 1987. Except for the Texas Revolution of 1836, a paperback all of his other works are set to be published and reprinted. As soon as they are published, he will inform our website if you are interested in purchasing them. The list is as follows: l.-A Victim of Despotism( a translation) by Lt. Col. Jose Enrique  de la Pena 2.-The Papers of Lt. Col. Jose Enrique de la Pena, Vol. I 3.-The Papers of Lt. Col. Jose Enrique de la Pena, Vol. II 4.- After the Battle of the Alamo by General Andrade. 5.- The Concordance of Lt. Col. Jose Enrique de la Pena. 6.-The J. Sanchez Garza Introduction to the Diary of Lt. Col. Jose Enrique de la Pena.  7.-Mexican Accounts of the Battle of the Alamo (The Texan Southwestern Historical Quarterly in their review said that this was the best ever on Mexican accounts of the Alamo. 8.-Mexican Documents of the Texas Revolt  9.-The Itineraries of the Zapadores and San Luis Battalions during the Texas War of 1836.Vol.I ( if Mr. Borroel can get the rest , he hopes to translate and publish the daily logbooks of the battalions that were at the Alamo; as so much is revealed just by these battalion logbooks)  10.-The Diary of Lt. Col. Nicolas de la Portilla-March 18th-April 23rd of 1836. These diary fragments have never been published in English, as the rest of the above. 11.-Field Reports of the Mexican Army during the Texan War of 1836, five works, Volumes I to V.  All of Mr. Borroel’s works are works of  originality, all official documents that are presented are presented for the first time in English. They have been laying around since the war, yet so-called historians have always ignored them to present their own slanted side of the conflict. Mr. Borroel does not intend to ignore them. Modest works are located in many Texan libraries and universities and in many other states. Some have been published in the Alamo Journal where Mr. Borroel has written articles throughout the years. An example is John Dunn, the director of the San Jacinto Battlefield was surprised that Mr. Borroel was able to find notarized accounts of the Massacre by four Mexican soldiers after they had returned to Mexico in July of 1836. And it goes on. Mr. Borroel who is well known in Texan circles so he has been told knows most of the writers of books on Texas history, where he has gotten Mexican documents from them for some of his works; where one another help each other in this field.

The copy of his book costs $5.99 plus $1.50 postage for anyone interested in purchasing his book. Mail your check to: Roger Borroel 5520 Homerlee Ave. East Chicago, IN. 46312  The book is entitled : The Texan Revolution of 1836  It has an excerpt on the Angel of Goliad and should be an excellent resource on the happenings of that time when our Panchita Alvarez and Col. Telesforo Alvarez lived.

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