Historical Preservation

On Sunday March 28, 2004, a truly magnificent and historical event took place. An official statue was dedicated in Goliad, Texas to Francisca (Panchita) Alvarez in recognition for the truly courageous act she committed in March 1836. She is directly credited for saving many lives during the Texas Revolutionary  War of 1836. She is one of the very few Hispanic heroines in Texan History.

In response to this recognition, many descendants of this wonderful woman have gathered together to form the lasting tribute of the Angel of Goliad Descendants Historical Preservation.
This organization’s mission is based on the Spiritual, Motivational, Educational and Historical legacy created by Angel of Goliad and her descendants.

  1. Spiritual – It is documented that Francisca Alvarez was a woman of Christian faith. Her act of Mercy resounded in the hearts of those whom she saved, for they were slated for execution. It is indeed known that much gratitude was bestowed upon her for the act of selflessness and kindness. A truly moral act that defines the words “good deed”.
  2. Motivational – The “Angel of Goliad” symbolizes courage. She confronted and questioned Mexican officers and soldiers at a time in history when most women were expected to “obey”. She set herself apart, she was different than the rest. She set her sight on a goal and did not stop until she met it.
  3. Educational – Many of Texas’ young student today, specially Hispanic students, are not aware of their true heritage. It is the intent of the “AOGDHP” to inform and enlighten the youth of our great state.
  4. Historical – There is a need for information regarding the personal life of Francisca Alvarez. It is a goal of the Preservation to sponsor research into the life and times of this true Texas Heroine


“Our Heavenly Father we give thee thanks for having blessed Francisca “Panchita” Alvarez and her descendants. We thank you for the many freedoms we enjoy and the legacy that is ours. You have brought us this far and we still look up to thee for guidance and direction. Again for those who were spared by Panchita’s efforts and their descendants, we are grateful for their contributions to this great state and nation. Only you can make something good out of a tragic event. As we live “un dia a la vez” help us to recognize your presence in all that we do. May we continue to love one another as you have commanded.


~ Unknown

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